Helinika is your on-demand video tutor for learning modern Greek. We offer classes for all levels of students. You don't need any previous knowledge of Greek. Here, you can find lessons for levels ranging from A1 to C2. With just few minutes of your time per week you can improve your Greek skills significantly in a couple of months! Watch anywhere, anytime, and reach us at [email protected]

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Beginner's Level | Modern Greek

  • Introduction to Helinika's Course
  • Read and Write in Greek: The Greek Alphabet
  • Read and Write in Greek: Letter Combinations - Write your Name
  • Basic Greek Vocabulary: Greetings and More
  • Read and Write in Greek: The Greek Accent/Stress and Punctuation
  • Basic Greek Grammar: Personal Pronouns and the Verb «Είμαι» (to Be)
  • Speak Greek Fast: Introduce Yourself | Ask for help | Engage in Small Talk
  • Basic Greek Grammar: Articles, Cases and Nouns (Part I)
  • Basic Greek Grammar: Articles, Cases, and Nouns (Part II)
  • Basic Greek Grammar: Conjugations, The Present Tense, and Negation
  • Basic Greek Vocabulary: Questions + Cheat Sheet (document)
  • Test (Optional)